Missouri S&T design team experience prepares students for success in whatever endeavor they may choose.  

Design team membership is open to, and encouraged of, students of any major, interest, or background, and provides an immediate sense of community to students new to the college experience.

These student-led teams, whether competing with racecars or rockets, concrete canoes or robots, learn the organizational problem-solving process essential for the successful development of a market-ready product.  Business, marketing, logistics, communications and teamwork skills that design teams incorporate in their day-to-day operations mirror the global design process used in industry world-wide.  

Design team members network with industry professionals and students from competing schools alike, forming personal and professional realtionships that can lead to rewarding careers.

S&T design team veterans "know how to think on their feet, don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and are ready to contribute on their first day at work” say many firms who hire our team members, and why so many businesses aggressively recruit S&T students with design team experience.

Fourteen interdisciplinary design teams provide over 600 S&T students with leadership, networking and technical learning opportunities through industry-sponsored design competitions. Other students get life-changing global experience by tackling economic and health—related infrastructure problems in developing nations.

Each team mirrors our philosophy of “Learn, Succeed, Have Fun," so sign up and have some fun!

Advanced Aero Vehicle Group

 miners in flight

Build a complex radio-controlled aircraft that delivers a payload to a designated point on land. Add weight 'til it won't fly anymore.

Or it crashes.

Contact: Paul Black
(816) 261-1269

Baja SAE

Grown up dirtbikes

"Design, Build, Race, Wreck, Repeat." Develop and operate a prototype off-road vehicle for a hypothetical market. Blend cost with capability, season with durability, and then spend four hours trying to destroy it.

Contact: Tyler Hutchins

Chem E Car


A small, self-driving vehicle whose starting, stopping, speed, and distance functions are all controlled by on-board chemical reactions.

Contact: Stephen Eastman

Concrete Canoe

Old material, new tricks

There isn't much of a market for concrete canoes, but there is a market for young engineers who can "bend" materials to their will. Re-engineer concrete so it floats, then prove it by chasing other universities' concrete canoes around a lake.

Contact: Kelsey Buford


dig deeper

Design and build a miniature drilling rig that can autonomously drill through a rock sample. The competition advances automation in the mining process.

Contact: David Swed
dis5y3@mst.edu - drillbotics@mst.edu

Engineers Without Borders

different countries, same goal

EWB saves lives and serves people. Work with remote communities in Central and South America to solve health, economic, and quality-of-life challenges.

Contact: Josephine Gass

Formula Electric

Design. build. race. repeat.

Electric propulsion is moving from the highway to the racetrack. Build a torque-crazy autocross vehicle using the latest battery technology that can outperform its gas-fueled cousins.

Contact: Ryan Hart
(314) 202-6548

Formula SAE

miners go faster

Learn global automotive product development from the seat of a car that provides nearly 3 G's of acceleration. S&T has twice been ranked among the world's top ten teams, the international 98th percentile.

Contact: Jarrett Harkless
(636) 432-3507

HPER Rocket Team

Eyes turned skyward

Learn a NASA-like process for building rockets. Produce your own rocket fuel to launch your high-powered rocket to 30,000 feet. Then enlist middle- and high-school students to design your scientific payloads. Keep your eyes on the sky.

Contact: Jill Davis

Human Powered Vehicle

Fast, by design

Your all-weather utility/fun vehicle: lightweight, fast, practical, and non-polluting. Much cheaper than a car and you can park it anywhere.

Contact: Ben Lassanske


Design. network. achieve.

Re-engineer the environment. Splice DNA to turn bacteria into "machines" that help track biological threats, and share that data to benefit mankind.

Contact: Erin Nischwitz
enc52@mst.edu - igem@mst.edu

Mars Rover

today. tomorrow. forever.

Photo from Rover's 2015 Competition

Astronauts will eventually reach the surface of Mars, and they'll need a different kind of "assistant" when they get there. Design prototype Mars rovers today, that will go to the Red Planet tomorrow, and expand mankind's knowledge of the cosmos forever.

Contact: Chris Lenahan

Multirotor Robot

Fly the future

Build fully autonomous flying robots that push the boundries of what aerial platforms can do. From bridge inspections to crop yield analysis, work to revolutionize the future of unmanned flight.

Contact: Jonas Buxton

Nuclear Science

a future with fusion 

Public domain atom image

Develop an original idea or concept related to the nuclear field, write a paper about it and submit it to a national competition. But the Miners will go one step further, building their own Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) fusor to prove their theories.

Contact: Payton Bruckmeier


"grad school" for first

Whether your mobile platform simulates lunar mining or earth-bound exploring, these robots find their own way around the block.

Contact: Ryan Loeffelman

Solar Car

Driving the future

Solar Miner during the 2016 American Solar Challenge, somewhere over Southern MO

Build and race entirely solar powered vehicles, then see the USA (Australia, Canada, and China, too!) from the cockpit of a 500-lb, 65mph electric car. No charging stations needed.

Contact: Conner Kostelac
(816) 520-5159

Solar House

rise with us

Nest Home - 2015 Solar Decathlon

Design your own energy-efficient residential oasis. Change the U.S. housing market by focusing on long-term costs of home ownership instead of the price of a home.

Contact: Luke Mueller
(314) 974-6354

Steel Bridge

bridge hard

Rehearse building a real bridge, for a real customer. Efficiency, aesthetics, cost, strength, and construction speed form the basis for your project "bid".

Contact: Jonathan Kuchem
(636) 432-3507