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Interested in joining one of our many design teams? Learn how to join through this simple walkthrough.

Returning Members

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"Design teams do more than just prepare students for their first job..."

Experiential learning is at the core of a strong Missouri S&T education. Design teams do more than just prepare students for their first job; they push students to become leaders in industry.

The SDELC, housed in the Kummer Student Design Center, provides teams with advanced computer design labs, a complete manufacturing center, office space, and logistical support assets. Center staff assist with the technical, marketing, communication and fundraising support that prepares students for successful careers.

All S&T students, regardless of discipline or age, are encouraged to join a design team. Freshman and transfer students can become part of a thriving, innovative community the moment they set foot on campus.

"...it's about the process!"

Team operations focus on learning the process of global product development. Teams mirror what small start-ups do to be successful: plan a large project, organize themselves, raise funds, communicate their ideas, and solve open-ended design challenges. Team members leave S&T as process engineers who know how to solve real world problems and can think on their feet. A team member said it best, "There's much more to engineering than just engineering, it's about the process!"

Design team participants enjoy:

  • 24-7 Design Center access
  • Strong faculty, staff, business, and alumni support
  • Networking with employers and students at other universities
  • Specialized training
  • Global experience