Design team exerience, regardless of each student's degree program, produces process engineers able to apply their talents to any organizational task.  Communication, business, logistics, engineering, accounting, marketing and people skills learned on a design team produce well-rounded adults who will be a good fit anywhere their careers take them.

The SDELC staff has the best jobs on campus supporting these fine young women and men and watching them grow, professionally and personally.  Share with us the privilege of doing the same by supporting our programs.

Submit your donations online through the university's Giving Page.

If you wish to donate to a specific team within the SDELC, you can select them in the menu under Designations.

If you have no preference on team, our Miners by Design giving club provides annual grants to teams from the SDELC matching what teams raise on their own. 

Remaining Miners by Design funds will purchase new equipment, maintain and replace vehicles, and help expand experiential learning opportunities for more S&T students.

Miners By Design is the giving society that simplifies supporting experiential learning programs at Missouri S&T. 

Become a member of Miners By Design (MBD) with a $500 minimum donation.  Larger donations are recognized by higher levels of MBD membership:

Student Team $500
Design Team $1,000
Experiential Team $2,500
Learning Team $5,000
Center Team $10,000
St. Patrick's Team $25,000
Special thanks to the founding members of Miners By Design:

Dick & Nancy Arnoldy

Keith & Pat Bailey

Jeff & Jane Brummet

Bob & Kim Brinkmann

Roger & Sandy Dorf

Brad & Connie Hornburg

Barry & Deborah Koenemann

Fred & June Kummer

John & Susan Mathes

Jeff & Mary Steinhart