Take on Challenges From Around the Globe

On the ground, in the air or even reaching for space, our teams provide real-world, hands-on experience in any field of study offered at S&T—Whether you're an engineer, business major, physicists, artist, mathematician or anything in between.

Meet the Teams

Questions and Answers

Design Teams are registered student organizations (RSO) that operate as 501(c) Non-Profit Businesses to take on challenges from around the globe. Whether on the ground, in the air, or even reaching for space, our teams provide unique opportunities for Missouri S&T students to gain real-world, hands-on experience in any field of study offered at S&T. Whether you're an engineer, business major, physicists, artist, mathematician, or anything in between, all teams provide experience for everyone. Come see how experiential learning can benefit you!

To join a design team, you must first join the Student Design Center through design.mst.edu. From there, you will be able to sign up for any team* that you are interested in. Follow the these directions: how to join

*Note: It is recommended to not join more than two teams maximum. Some teams require more time commitments than others. Feel free to reach out to a team representative by finding their contact information at one of the linked pages above.

Each design team is a unique organization with very different projects and requirements. Some teams have lower time requirements than others and some don't have any requirements at all; however, our projects are very complex and have many tasks to be completed. Many of these tasks require much less time than others. The best way to find out how you can contribute to a project on a limited is by reaching out to a team representative and asking! Visit any of the linked pages above to find contact information for each team.

Design teams offer a unique, real-world, hands-on way of learning that cannot be found in any classroom at Missouri S&T. With 19 teams, Missouri S&T has the most design teams at any one university in the country or in the world. This diverse set of teams opens the doors to many opportunities both during and after your time at S&T. Many design team members secure multiple internships and co-ops with companies all around the globe with many crediting the experience of our design teams being a key factor in their hiring decision. These internships and co-ops, as well as design team experience, have also helped many of our team members to secure full-time employment after graduation as well. Companies are both interested and believe in this form of education. Key sponsors of the design center include The Boeing Company, Nucor, and many more.