One team, three countries, four projects, helping the world. 

We send dozens of students each year to developing nations in Central and South America to work on projects focused on improving local living standards through engineering and construction projects carried out in collaboration with host communities.


Want to Get Involved?

Our team is always looking for talented individuals looking to build their design skills.

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What Do We Do?

The goal of Engineers Without Borders is to empower communities to meet basic needs through projects ranging from clean water to elementary education. We use engineering and construction techniques to build infrastructure projects at scale in 3 countries with 4 teams.

Where Do You Fit In?

Everyone is welcome! Our most common majors include Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, but we have a number of majors that come from outside of those disciplines as well as a growing number of CASE majors that we are especially looking to emphasize this year. 

There is no major that is not capable of doing fantastic work on EWB.

As a new member, you will start by choosing which of our four teams you want to join: Guatemala, Ecuador, Attahuallani, or Diez de Abril. That team’s lead will introduce all new members to the team and assist you in finding the sub-team that is right for you. Sub-teams vary from team to team, but include groups including "Maps and Modeling,” "Civil Engineering" and "Construction". Once on a sub-team, members will then be given critical work based on their skills and interests.

We have a large meeting at the beginning of the year in which we serve pizza for all that want to attend and each team of EWB has several socials a year. We have chapter meetings the first of every month that anyone is welcome to attend.

What Will You Gain?

Leadership, cross language-barrier communication, international travel experience, report writing, practical engineering knowledge, long-distance communication, cultural sensitivity, hydrological engineering, construction techniques in underdeveloped nations, project management, decision making.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our team makes a real difference in the world, we have dramatically raised the standard of living of thousands of people and aren't stopping anytime soon.

Our team has sent over 500 students to half a dozen South American and Central American countries.

An EWB chapter on the larger side tends to have about 2 travel teams, Missouri S&T currently has 4. While the scale is one of our benefits, each team is divided into sub-teams such that members get very close to those they might be traveling with.

Have a Question?

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our team, team expectations, or how to join, please contact us at


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